The Power of Oats: A Fat Burning Superfood!

Oatmeal - King of the fat burning foodsLooking for a fat burning food that can help you get in shape and is easy on the wallet? Look no further than a humble bowl of oatmeal!

It seems like Goldilocks and the three bears were onto something when getting the best start to the day. Not only are oats cheap, they’re naturally low in calories, filling and full of all-important nutrients including fibre, iron, protein, low-GI carbohydrates – all important ingredients for effective weight loss.

KING OF THE BREAKFAST TABLE: A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition has found swapping your morning bowl of cereal for oatmeal leaves you feeling fuller for longer, thanks to it’s high fibre content. The study also showed that oats help fight inflammation, lower heart disease risk, boost digestion and bolster immunity.

HOW TO MAKE: For a healthy, waistline-friendly breakfast, simply cook or microwave a bowl of instant oats (natural, unsweetened) with low-fat milk. If you find this too bland, spice things up by adding in things like Greek yoghurt, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, mixed nuts, berries and fruits like banana and Kiwi fruit.

You don’t have to treat oats as just a breakfast staple, either. Oats are versatile and make excellent meal substitutes and can be easily added to things like smoothies, cookies, breads and muffins to add ‘bulk’ and increase satiety. Here’s a great video showing you how to incorporate oats into your daily meal plans to help you lose weight.

BEST PRACTICES: When shopping for oats, save yourself some money and look for the plain, unsweetened variety. The ready-made flavoured sachets you can pick up, while convenient, are typically high in sugar, contain preservatives and are over-priced considering the small portion sizes. Look for steel-cut varieties which you can buy in bulk. They should cost you no more than a few dollars.

However you choose to eat your oats, it’s clear that they can offer real benefits to those looking to lose weight – all the more reason to include this superfood as part of your everyday eating lifestyle. Click the link to see more fat burning foods.