Take The 30 Day Muffin Top Challenge!

There’s nothing better than a 30 day challenge for those of you who like to put things off and feel it’s never the right time to start. After all, starting is always the hardest part. How many times have you said to yourself ‘I’ll start Monday’ only to have Monday come and go and still be in the same position? Don’t worry, its (way) more common than you think.

It’s only when you give things a go and realize ‘hey, this isn’t so bad!’ that your motivation picks up and you start to see results – then the ball really gets rolling! Here’s a great video documenting one woman’s 30 day muffin top challenge (complete with workouts) to help you get over this initial ‘hump’ and demolish any obstacles that might stand in your way! For more on conquering your muffin top, click here.