PlantFusion Protein Review + Get $5 Off!

PlantFusion protein reviewWant to turn your body into a lean, mean and green fighting machine? Add some plant-power to your diet!

I first came across PlantFusion while looking for an alternative to whey protein. As a long term user of whey protein (a derivative of milk), I noticed I was becoming sick, tired and looked ‘puffy’. It turns out ‘whey’, a derivative of milk, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Fast-forward 4 months and I’ve been successfully using PlantFusion without any issues and feel ready to share my review with you and why you too should consider ‘going green!’

Ingredients & Quality

Ingredients & QualityOne of the unique selling points of PlantFusion and one of the reasons I was drawn to it is it’s soy/dairy/GMO-free sources of plant protein. I’ve seen and tried other non-dairy protein powders, however I’ve yet to see anyone match or outdo PlantFusion in terms of protein quality and diversity.

Artichoke, Organic sprouted Amaranth and Organic sprouted Quinoa protein are just a few of the more exotic super-food protein spectrums included in addition to the more standard forms of Pea protein used in brands like Sunwarrior. To this day, I still get a kick out of using PlantFusion knowing that I’m fuelling my body with the plants and grains grown and eaten in ancient times.

Each 30g scoop of PlantFusion also contains a hefty 21g of protein infused with essential amino acids and glutamine, putting it on level-pegging with the ever-popular ‘whey’ protein powders, but without the downsides of inflammation, bloating/gas and mucus build-up associated with milk/dairy consumption. Since finding out I’m lactose intolerant, I’ve found PlantFusion very easy to digest and have had no tummy-troubles at all.

PlantFusion also doesn’t contain any hidden ‘nasties’ or fillers like aspartame (an artificial sweetener) or dextrose (a simple sugar/carbohydrate) that are common in other powders. All in all, it’s an outstanding protein substitute and in my opinion the best plant-based protein available. Here’s what one PlantFusion user had to say:


Taste & Flavours

Taste & Flavours Having tried countless other protein powders on the market, I feel I’ve developed a pretty good palette to pass fair judgment. I’m pleased to say that PlantFusion ranks highly in the deliciousness-department.

The powder itself is ‘fine’, mixes well and has a uniquely ‘green’ taste/smell which I’ve actually grown to like more and more – its smooth and isn’t sickly-sweet and overpowering like a lot of other powders out there.

PlantFusion comes in 4 flavours – Chocolate, Cookies n’ Cream and Vanilla haven’t tried the Vanilla yet as I’m more of a chocaholic, but find I prefer the plain Chocolate over Cookies n’ Crème, which is similar in taste, but just a bit sweeter. A scoop of powder mixed with just water tastes just fine, albeit a bit bland, which is why I often like to add in things like milk, yoghurt, berries, oats, peanut butter, almonds, cinnamon and chocolate syrup and whiz them up in a blender to create a more creamy, energy-dense shake.

Naturally, everyone’s tastes will vary which is why if you’re new to PlantFusion, you may want to consider trying the small sachets they sell to see which flavour you like best before investing in a larger tub.

Best Price

Best PricePlantFusion boasts a broad protein spectrum and that’s reflected in the price. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but you get what you pay for. Having shopped around in-store and online, iHerb consistently delivers the best price out there. Their shipping/handling is also very good with mine typically taking just a few day to arrive with DHL express delivery.

The largest tub, which is the most cost-efficient, will set you back about a $40 USD. Mine typically lasts about a month, so grabbing a couple can help further cut down on costs.

Overall Rating


PlantFusion protein is excellent. If you’re looking to supplement your diet with a tasty, dairy/gluten/soy-free high quality protein to support weight loss, recovery, lean muscle and better health, PlantFusion can’t be beat.