6 Quick-fire Diet Tips That Really Work

Picture of an apple representing a list of diet tips that workFinding a diet that works can be hard enough without people dishing out nonsense and conflicting information. Here’s six quick-fire diet tips that never fail.

1. Don’t Give Up – If you fall off the wagon or skip a day, don’t throw in the towel and skip the next. It’s harder to get back to your eating plan after three days than it is after one. Besides, I have one guilt-free diet day a week, as I think everyone should, and my favorite day is the day after when I can start eating healthy again!

2. Keep It Fresh – Ugh! If there’s anything worse than a predictable, boring diet to sap your motivation, then I don’t know about it. Don’t get me wrong, getting into a routine is great! But, if you’re dreading the next day of your diet then you need to shake things up a bit. Keep things fun and exciting by trying out new recipes, cooking styles and foods. Making small changes are sometimes all you need to break the monotony and get going again.

3. Like Your Diet – This one may seem obvious, but it’s true. You’re far more likely to stick to your diet plan if you enjoy it. What does this mean? Well, first it has to be manageable. If you’re stressing out over food preparation and find eating a chore rather than a pleasure, it’s time to rethink your strategy. If you can find a diet plan that works for you and fits your lifestyle, you’re good to go!

4. Keep It Real – Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and achieving. Setting realistic goals and ticking them off when you achieve them will do wonders for your motivation. Even if your goal is to get up a few minutes earlier to eat a healthy breakfast, and then lunch, all the way up to a weekly plan – it’s a personal and positive achievement for you.

5. Get Social – Having a social support network is helpful and part of the reason why groups like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are so successful. You don’t need to join a group, but letting your friends know about your new healthy eating lifestyle (or getting them on-board too!) will give you an emotional outlet to discuss progress and problems, plus it’ll help keep you on your toes when ordering out with your girlfriends.

6. Make Time – Rushing around and being stretched for time almost always leads to bad food decisions, so it’s important to put a little time aside each day to prepare. It’s the same as exercising in the morning. The night before you lay out all your gear so you’re ready to go. Use Tupperware containers to put last nights leftovers in the fridge or pre-cook foods like chicken, pasta, egg and quinoa. It’s also a great idea to always have some salad, diced fruit and yoghurt on-hand that you can just grab and go when you’re in a pinch.

Here’s a great video of a girl recounting how she lost 10lbs. Take a look and learn from her experiences. She shares some great diet tips, too!

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