21 Day Sugar Detox Review: Sugar-Shocker!

Ahhh sugar, we all love it but we also know that too much of a good thing can be bad. One of the main issues with sugar is that it’s everywhere! Even a humble bottle of tomato sauce is loaded with the sweet-stuff – around per 5g per tablespoon, to be exact. What’s more, too much sugar makes us fat. It also causes a host of metabolic and hormonal problems that generally leave us feeling lethargic, head-achy and just ‘blah’…

In that respect, Diane Sanfillipo’s program offers an important, unique and much-needed respite from sugar and the damage it can cause – especially in light of growing obesity trends. Below you’ll find my full breakdown of the program including what you get, my likes/dislikes and overall verdict.

OK, What is it & Who’s it for?

As the name suggests, The 21 Day Sugar Detox is a comprehensive, yet simple and effective program designed to help you conquer your carb and sugar cravings for good. Naturally, the program is a perfect fit for anyone struggling with sugar and/or carb cravings, but would also be a great addition for anyone looking to lose weight, prevent and/or improve weight-related disease management (i.e. diabetes) or simply lead a healthier lifestyle.

Pro’s of The Program

COMPREHENSIVE: One thing the program doesn’t skimp on is information. You get a treasure-trove of goodies, starting with the ‘quick-start’ guide which gives you a primer and helps set you up for success on the detox. In it you learn about things like why sugar is bad for you, what it does to the body, what to eat during the program, how to balance your blood sugar levels, plus loads more – all so you become better equipped to complete the program successfully.


In addition, you get several awesome cookbooks: Against All Grains Detox Cookbook, Paleo Parents Detox Cookbook, and Sugar Detox Smoothies, so you’ll never be short of ideas or go hungry. And as if that wasn’t enough, you get a heap of bonus material to supplement your detox including yoga and workout guides and recommended products & brands.

CUSTOMIZABLE (3 LEVELS): Heading into the program everyone’s going to have a different starting point, so it’s nice to see the program respect this by offering 3 levels for you to choose from. Diane makes it easy to choose your level, based on factors like previous and current sugar use, and from there guides you through the necessary steps to achieve the best results. The program even caters to athlete’s, mom’s, new parents and those with auto-immune disorders, so you can be sure you’re always getting what your body needs. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect to eat (and not eat) on Level 1 of the program.

The Yes/No foods list on the 21 day sugar detox diet

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BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION: Presentation is a big factor for me. I’ve seen and read countless other diet books with just pages full of text interspersed with the occasional picture or diagram and they’re just a total ‘turn-off.’ Sure, the info may be good but if the style and layout it doesn’t capture and hold the readers attention, it’s typically all in vain. I’m pleased to report that this program doesn’t suffer from any of these problems and I thoroughly enjoyed ‘thumbing’ my way through the program. The bright colours, pictures and bite-size chunks of text all helped make the learning process fun and enjoyable.

TECH SAVVY: The course itself is delivered through an online portal where you get access to your e-books, audio recordings, videos, resources and other supplemental guides. If you’re anything like me and like to spend time on your laptop/iPad, you’ll love how you can stay connected and continue to watch and read wherever you go. I particularly liked the daily audio recordings which help guide you through the program. It felt great having someone there for support and made the whole process easier to manage.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Dashboard

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Dashboard

QUICK & TASTY MEAL PLANS: To keep things fresh and straight-forward, the program provides unique meal plan’s for each of the 21 days. Having this really made it easy to follow along and took a lot of the guesswork out of the process. You get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks while on the detox so you’ll never go hungry or feel deprived of ‘real’, nutritious foods.

Con’s & Considerations

I thought I’d lump these two together as there wasn’t actually anything I disliked about the program – it does exactly as described, and more. Instead, there are a few recommendations and considerations you should bear in mind.

1. This is not a lifestyle diet. Diane makes it clear that the program is not how you’re meant to eat all the time. For this reason it’s highly recommended to have a healthy eating action plan in-place which you can follow to maintain good habits and prevent relapse after your detox.

2. Be Prepared. Going 21 days sugar-free might sound like a walk in the park, but depending on your current sugar-use, that can be a pretty big upheaval when you see the power sugar can have on your body and brain. Whatever the case, enjoy the challenge and don’t become discouraged if things don’t go to plan straight away. Also, don’t plan to do the detox during a time where you know you’ll be tempted (i.e. holidays, parties, weddings etc).

3. Stick to it. As with any type of program, you’ll need to be consistent to see results. The 21 day detox is no exception and should be followed as per the instructions. Don’t skip days or cheat. If you mess up, don’t be afraid to start over.

Final Verdict

star rating: 4.5 stars

Sugar consumption has become an (almost) inescapable facet of daily life and it’s insidious inclusion into everyday foods and drink items can have crippling health consequences. The 21 Day Sugar Detox marks a giant leap in the right direction for breaking the shackles of sugar cravings and addiction to help you live a leaner, happier and healthier life.

If your diet is in need of a detox, this is one of the best investments you can make. The program is terrific value for money and successfully completing it will provide a greater sense of achievement and freedom than any short-lived sugar-high could ever provide. Click the banner below and get started now!